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Taking Care of Your Dog and the Secrets to Good Grooming

Keeping an eye on your dog’s coat is a very important thing to keep in mind. If your dog’s cost is dull, it could indicate that they have a disease, a dirty coat, or even nutritional deficiencies. By regularly brushing your dog’s coat with a slicker brush, it will keep it shiny and smooth. By taking the time to brush your dog, you’re also able to feel the coat to make sure there aren’t any lumps, bumps,s or parasites. If you notice something wrong, be sure to call your vet ASAP.

Here’s what has to say about brushing a dog with a short coat:

Short coated dogs shed just as much as longer coated dogs. Brushing your pup twice weekly will help keep their coat smooth and shiny by distributing their natural oils and removing loose fur. A glove-style brush works great for this coat type, and your pup will feel like she’s just getting pampered with a massage!

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